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Mr. Christopher William Knight, Independent Non-Executive Chairman, aged 69
Mr. William Knight, a co-founder of Emerisque Brands, Chairman of Abingworth Bio Ventures II, and the JP Morgan Chinese
Investment Trust Plc, director of Fidelity Asian Values Trust,Ceylon Guardian Investment Trust Plc and Axis Fiduciary Ltd, is
an alternative asset investment specialist who has spent almost his entirecareer involved with financial development of
companies and projects in developing economies. Since 1991he has served in a wide range of non-executive positions as
an independent director or adviser based in London. William Knight has been involved with China since 1978. Between 1979
 and 1982 he was head of the Far East merchant banking activities of Lloyds Bank International based in HongKong. He was
a member of the first delegation by the World Economic Forum to visit China in the 1980s.He has experience also as an
independent director of investment companies domiciled or listed in various jurisdictions including AIM.
Mr. Stuart Lane, Independent Non-Executive Director, aged 62
Stuart is Executive Chairman of Northland Capital Partners Limited, a London based investment bank. He is an experienced
financial adviser with an established reputation for advising the boards of quoted and private companies. Stuart has been lead
adviser to the board of many successful IPOs and other transactions. Over recent years, he has gained extensive experience
with Asian and particularly Chinese companies. After graduating from Edinburgh University, Stuart was a Captain in the British
Army and subsequently served as Secretary to a number of Cabinet and other Ministers within the British Government. He has 
worked in the City of London for 25 years holding senior executive and director positions at Cazenove & Co., Beeson Gregory
Limited, Collins Stewart Limited and Seymour Pierce Limited.


Mr. Shufang Zhuang, Executive Director, aged 43
Mr. Shufang Zhuang is an Executive Director and the co-founder of the Group. He is responsible for the overall strategic planning
and direction of the Company. Before founding the Group, Mr. Shufang Zhuang established Xingtai Freight Station,
(an unincorporated company) which was subsequently converted to the Group. Mr. Shufang Zhuang has approximately 20 years
of business development experience in China, principally in the logistics industry. Mr. Zhuang is the husband of Mrs. Xu.
Mrs. Meijin Xu, Chief Executive Officer, aged 39
Mrs. Meijin Xu is the Chief Executive Officer and has been managing the Group since its incorporation. She acted as a general
manager of Xingtai Freight Station before the establishment of the Group. Together with Mr. Shufang Zhuang and Mr. Liangyi Xu,
Mrs. Meijin Xu led the Xingtai Freight Station which was subsequently converted to the Group, which has become a large
logistics company providing logistic support services to domestic sports shoes and apparel in Jinjiang City in only 12 years. Mrs.
Meijin Xu has nearly 20 years experience in the logistic industry. Mrs. Xu is the wife of Mr. Zhuang and the sister of Mr. Xu.
Mr. Derrick Sze Hau, Wong, Chief Financial Director, aged 32
Derrick Wong, CPA Australia member, was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of the Company in
November 2011, specifically in anticipation of Admission. He has worked in a public accounting firm for nine years holding
several managerial positions. Mr. Wong’s experience and exposure ranges from small and medium sized companies,
multinational companies and listed companies.
Mr. Penghua Wu, Independent Non-Executive Director, aged 45
Mr. Penghua Wu graduated from Anhui University of Technology. His prior experience includes serving as a logistics
professional for both domestic and multinational companies and he has significant practical experience in the Chinese
logistics industry. He is an associate professor of logistics management at Xiamen Huaxia College and has issued many
papers in some of the most reputable academic journals in China. He is also a senior researcher at China Society of
Logistic, a government think tank of the logistics industry. Mr.Wu joined the company as a Non Executive Director
in 2011. Mr. Wu has 20 years of experience in the logistic industry.  
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